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5 Top makeup artists in Malaysia you need to be following on Instagram

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

1. Kannan Raajamanickam @kannanraajamanickam

Trust me when I say, Kannan Raajamanickam is the king of makeup 👑 Firstly, his client list is insane. Secondly, each and every makeup look he creates is unique and breathtakingly beautiful. Follow him on Insta and you're guaranteed to catch beauty feels.

2. Vithya Hair and Makeup @vithyahairandmakeup

source facebook page of Vithya Hair and Makeup

Make sure you're following vithya Hair and Makeup. Not only will you be treated to dreeeamy makeup looks, but you'll also be the first to know about some of cool new product the she usess and some basic tutorial on youtube channel.

3. BLUSH Beauty & Beyong @blushbeautybeyond

image: Intagram of @blushbeautybeyond

It's hardly surprising that Blush Beauty & Beyond, has one of the largest followings in the beauty industry in Malaysia, his makeup skills are on another level. Be sure to follow him on Instagram.

4. Jastina MUA @jastina_mua

image: Intagram of @jastina_MUA Jastina Makeup Artist, is oh-so creative when it comes to playing with colour and texture. and turns the bride's everyday makeup into art. Make sure you hit the follow button on her Instagram page.

5. Ardana Haran Bridal @ardanaharanbridal

image: facebook of Ardana Haran Bridal

Hariharan, the brains behind Ardana Haran Bridal's incredible makeup, is one of the beauty industry's most in-demand artists. His Instagram is full of celebrity shots and model's photoshoot.

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