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Royal Indian Wedding

A Checklist for your Wedding Video

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A lot goes into a wedding video- one look and you can tell that a good wedding video just cannot be staged! Yup, while you can prep on what to speak and what music you want, the true beauty of a wedding video lies in the emotions and the moments that are captured. So while you cannot predict that, you do need to make sure your videographer gets everything so they have a lot to play with, and can put only the best moments in! So here is a checklist of sorts which you can ensure is followed so communication is straight with your videographer.

Engagement cinematic video by Photo Centre Studio

Discuss what you want

  • Do you want a long video, or a teaser, or maybe a same day edit for your Instagram as well? Discuss everything with your videographer so that they can plan accordingly.


  • Make a tentative list of who you want featured in your wedding video. Tell the people you want featured, because while you might want the raw emotions- not everyone is comfortable talking on cue! And yes, someone needs to tell that love story- be it you guys yourself or a BFF!

  • Earmark time as to when interviews will happen, before the wedding, during or after the wedding.

  • Decide what to wear for your interview, and whether you both want to do it as a couple or separately.

  • Discuss with the videographer and share your plan with them, tell them about the people you want included, so they know who to shoot and can slot accordingly.

Malayalam Wedding 4K Cinematic HIghtlight by Voice PIlot

Pre wedding videography

A lot happens before the actual wedding, and your videographer should know not to miss the important moments which you would definitely want featured in your final wedding video. Here are all the things you could consider getting featured, and stuff the videographer must know about beforehand!

  • Bride/groom preparation

  • Wedding party prep

  • Exterior of the ceremony venue- drone videography if you like.

  • Landscape around the venue if it's a destination wedding.

  • Interior of the ceremony venue

  • Guests and bridal party arrival

Cinematic Highlight by Lion Eye Pictures

Wedding ceremony/ Reception videography

Remember to point out key guests to your videographer- so they can be aware too and vice versa!

  • Bridal entry or couple entry videography

  • The groom and parents looking at the bride for the first time

  • Ring exchange

  • First kiss

  • Jaimala or wedding rituals

  • Cake cutting

  • Toasts and champagne pop

  • First dance as a couple

  • Parent/ close family dancing or enjoying

Dance performances

It is very important to communicate about the dance performances to the videographers. Tell them you'd want some of it in the wedding video, but you would also need a separate raw reel with all the performances. Also, let them know about the performances in order so they can plan accordingly.

Wedding video soundtrack

While we'd say you can really trust your videographers judgement on this one, if you really love a track or want 'your song' as the soundtrack, ask for it by all means. Another recent trend is to get a cover version created just for your video! Here are some recent tracks that we loved for this!

Who's gonna debut it?

You want it to go on your social media first, or your videographers? Or maybe you don't want it shared anywhere at all as it is something very personal to you. Communicate this clearly to your videographer.

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