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One Jewellery Store That Every Bride Must Know!

Bridal jewellery has always been the crowning jewel of every bride’s shopping list. Whether its picking out bridal jewellery for her main events or for her trousseau, the bride always wants the best.

I found Tasha Image Collection via Instagram and instantly fell in love. They have stunning bridal jewellery sets as well as single pieces in silver. I never liked gold so much since it’s so yellow so this worked out perfectly for my mehendi and smaller events where my parents didn't want me to wear fake jewellery. Along with my mehendi jewellery I also picked some pieces for my post-wedding functions like Reception and all where I didn't want to wear gold!

I wore the earrings and necklace set on my Wedding day and people complimented me so much! I wanted antique gold look and they have so many options. I recommended it to my sister as well who bought some pieces for my wedding.

Cannot cannot recommend this enough! Tasha Image Collection is solely responsible for all my wedding jewellery. I was on a budget and didn't want to spend bucketloads of my budget on jewellery only plus I hated those tacky artificial bridal jewellery sets online. Tasha Image Collection is where I bought all my bridal jewellery from. They have gold plated bridal jewellery designs with prices available on their website so you can buy whatever you want without spending huge amounts.

Worried about bridal jewellery shopping? And if you are looking for inspiration to hit you for your wedding jewellery, check out our vendors who have a great collection when it comes to all things bridal jewellery!

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