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  • HENNA SPRING (Kuala Lumpur)

HENNA SPRING (Kuala Lumpur)


Henna Spring is a traditional henna artist company based in Kuala Lumpur. Owner Deepa takes great pleasure in creating innovative and visually stunning designs for her clients, and values the practice. She attended a certificate course from Bombay, India. Her distinctive, clean, flowing and contemporary henna art is heavily influenced by Indian Mehndi and Arabic Mehandi art. The company incorporates images from nature, including flowers and birds, and invites clients to express exactly what they want from their henna pieces. 

  • Henna Spring is honored to complete the tradition of henna on their clients, and wants every piece to be as perfect as possible. To ensure that the artist and customer are on the same page, they offer consultations before the big day to discuss henna options. They also provide trial services so couples can test out designs before the wedding celebration. Henna Spring can accommodate groups, and group discounts are offered.

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