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Royal Indian Wedding

  • OC-2939-A-0871


RM4.00 Regular Price
RM3.60Sale Price

This gorgeous bottle green and silver book folding card is made from a knurled shimmer board with classy damask patterns adorning the front of the card in subtle silver ink. A solid band in green and gold foil sits at the bottom carrying the word "Wedding Invitation" at the centre of the badge. The 2 off-white inserts sit in a solid green flap printed with vibrant green ink. The off-white envelope is made from a shimmer board and a carrying the damask pattern in a strip down the right. This can be used for Hindu, Muslim and Multi-faith weddings.

    • Minimum Order Quantity :100
    • Dimension in Centimeter: W23xH23
    • Delivery Time : 08-19 Days
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