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Royal Indian Wedding

  • PUGALS CATERERS (Selayang)
  • PUGALS CATERERS (Selayang)



Pugals Caterers with 25 years of experience gives your their passion for cooking as their main recipes, customer satisfactions as their end result , and menu engineering as their skills not to be missed

    • Basmathi Ghee/Briyani Rice
    • White Rice
    • Vege Dhalcha
    • Chicken Rendang/Sambal/Varuval/Masak Merah/Peratal/Peper
    • Mutton Peratal/Varual/Renang/Pepper
    • Mix Vege Chinese Style
    • Cabbage, Purple Cabbage & Kismis Mayo/Cucumber Raita/Cucumber Mayo
    • Papadam
    • Fruits
    • Lime Cordial
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