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Royal Indian Wedding

10 Simple Stage Decoration Ideas That Fit Into your Budget

Looking for simple yet elegant ways to decorate your wedding stage? We have got you covered with these inspiring simple stage decoration ideas that are not only appealing to the eyes but are also budget-friendly. Have a look!

1. Ring Arch Deco

Do you fancy a simplistic wedding for yourself? If yes, then you must have a look at a few of the gorgeous simple stage decoration ideas that not only appeal to the eyes but are simple and easy to incorporate. The best part about these ideas is that they are budget-friendly as well. From ring deco and pots to flowers and drapes, these ideas involve things that can be assembled without burning a deep hole in your pocket. Get inspired!

2. Moroccan Frame

Now, doing this will not be a hassle one bit! There are umpteen ways to dress a particular spot on the stage, like for example a wedding backdrop. You can create a stunning backdrop with foliage hoops or chandeliers. The cost of getting these Moroccan Style Frames won’t be much and you can procure them from your backyard or garden. Soft color lighting is essential to the decor of a wedding stage and one can add layers of oomph to it with simple things.

3&4. Simple Rajasthan Theme

Decoration by Jeevesh Creation

One of the best ways to save big money on your wedding is to opt for a place such as a budget banquet hall. Simply, have a simple straight line backdrop with a couple chair and carpet. The natural blooms will add dazzles to the decor at no cost.

5, 6 & 7. Ganesha Deco with White Temple Pillars

Decoration by D' Wedding Dreams

Decoration by Navina Inspired Events

Isn't this Delicately put-together stage decoration aww-worthy? These white/golden pillars on the seating stole all our hearts for all right reasons. The riot of colors in the backdrop is further adding whimsical notes to the setting.

8. Crystal Decoration

Deco by Stylez Event

Another budget-friendly idea is to Crystal Deco Pillars combine with Artificial Flowers at your stage. These are budget and will enhance your stage’s look instantly.

9 & 10. Rajasthani White Theme Deco

Decoration by RB Deepa

Getting married? Then pick this simple yet classy and royal stage decoration idea. Who says that a simple stage decoration cannot look charming? For it to look appealing to the eyes, you can use drapes to dress up the stage backdrop or the arches.

With these simple stage decoration ideas, you can cut back on the cost. So, go ahead and pick any one of these ideas!

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