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13 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Lengha Instead of Buying One

Wedding package comes with the need to make a lot of investments. While some of those investments are worthy and essential, some are avoidable or don’t hold importance over time, post the wedding. One such investment is the purchase of a wedding wardrobe for the bride-to-be.

With endless wedding functions to be a part of and with the condition of looking like a bride-to-be in all of them, a bride-to-be often finds herself in a dilemma about how to invest in wedding wear right. Lenghas are that important part of a bride-to-be’s wardrobe that doesn’t come with the versatility of being worn for many occasions later in life at all.

Because they are heavy and dramatic in nature, wearing them for anything other than a bride’s own wedding can seem too loud and too out of proportion for attendance at someone else’s wedding. So what happens to the wedding Lengha once the wedding is over? You dry wash it, put it in a box and keep it in the most unused rack of the cupboard forever.

Which is why we are giving you 13 reason why you should rent a Lengha instead of purchasing one.

Cut Down On Investment

Based on how fresh the lehenga is in trend and how detailed the design is, a lehenga for the bride-to-be can cost ₹30,000 and above easily. But with the option of renting it out, the cost will come down to as low as just ₹5,000 approximately.

More Funds Towards Accessories

Purchasing a lehenga can never be considered as an investment. But on the other hand, investing in real or semi-precious jewellery holds value in the bank and is a great way to save money for a lifetime. Besides, authentic jewellery makes up for a greater heirloom product with monetary value than a lehenga can ever be.

More Funds Towards Other Essentials

Apart from jewellery investment, the money saved on renting out a lehenga can be used for any other essentials without worrying of overspending at all. Rent a lehenga and buy shoes, bags, skincare and makeup products that will be long-lasting and versatile in nature as well.

No Fear Of Owning

Even if you rent a lehenga that might seem like a great style to wear initially but might end up looking a bad fit on you later, the situation will be still be saved as it will be returned post wear. But with lehengas that have been purchased, there is no looking back and you will end up with a design that you will never wear again.

No Fear Of Lifetime Storage

Wedding lehengas come with a condition of storing them properly and spaciously for the rest of your life. This means losing up on a good amount of space which can be used to store other day-to-day essentials instead. But with ‘rent a lehenga’ option, the headache of arranging eternal storage practice will be eliminated completely.

Skip After-Care

It is not just storage but a lehenga also requires constant after-care. This includes getting the lehenga dry-cleaned forever that comes with a decent cost per service. With such regular maintenance rituals, it is better to rent a lehenga instead!

Adorn Your Dream Lehenga

Be it Sabyasachi or Varun Bahl, many rent a lehenga brands stock up on the latest Indian designer collections every season. Given that every lehenga by ace designers of India costs nothing less than a lakh or more, renting it out instead will come as a blessing in disguise.

More Styles To Wear

Leave the guests guessing how did you manage to wear different lehenga styles for every single wedding ceremony on a budget. Given how cheap renting out a lehenga option is, you can invest in more than the main wedding function attires and can wear different styles for smaller wedding functions too!

Responsible Fashion

Be a part of the movement and participate in the eco-friendly practice of limiting your fashion purchases for the wedding. Rent a lehenga and add to your wardrobe just the essentials that are sustainable in nature.

Skip Mapping Busy Market Lanes

Brands and boutiques offering rent a lehenga option offer racks of lehengas by different designs in all under one roof. This means that you don’t need to sweat it out looking for a dream lehenga by store hopping in busy bazaar lanes.

No Guilt-Trip Afterwards

Emotional purchase, because it looks beautiful, might land a bride-to-be on a guilt trip afterwards when she will tally the funds and the actual worth of the lehenga purchase. But with rent a lehenga option, it will always be a win-win situation for every bride-to-be.

No Repeats Like A Celebrity

How many times can you really wear your wedding lehenga in a lifetime? Now many times! So, rent a lehenga without worrying about the longterm wearability of it afterwards. Don’t forget to click in numerous poses wearing the lehenga for the gram! #DesignerWear alert.

Declare Yourself As A Trendsetter

Rent a lehenga that is traditional, rent a lehenga that is experimental, rent a lehenga that looks challenging but highly fashionable and rent a lehenga that is the latest in trend. Basically, you get to wear all kinds of lehenga styles at your wedding without worrying about budgets whatsoever.

We are sure that by now you have more clarity on the pros and cons of purchasing wedding lehengas and the benefits of ‘rent a lehenga’ option as well. Many brides-to-be are now opting to purchase a lehenga or two that they feel they would like to keep with them forever and are following the ‘rent a lehenga’ route for all other wedding functions. You too can follow suit and make smart purchases instead.

What is your opinion on rent a lehenga option instead of purchasing for the wedding functions? Comment below and share with us!

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