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Your Ultimate Guide To Wedding Marquees

Updated: Apr 24, 2020


image by Voice Pilot Production

If you’re simply looking for a room in a field, a marquee is what you’re after. Classic, solid, and entirely versatile, marquees can be as striped back, or as opulent as you like, from string lights to chandeliers, simple bunting to silk draping.

The flexible choice, a marquee, (unless it’s very big) won’t tend to have too many poles in the centre of the space, while roll-up walls, or see-through fabrics, mean you can choose, on the day, to shelter from the elements or bring the outdoors in.

the above is a 30th Birthday Celebration at Zebra Square, Jalan Ampang and planned by Pearl Event Resouces (Wedding Planner)


Canopies are handy for enclosed spaces, like walled gardens or courtyards, as a backup for bad weather when a tent won’t fit. But, as the one above, they can also work as breezy adornments to create a room-like feel, out in the open.

If you’re simply trying to tie a space together, parachute silk, reams of ribbon, tulle, or even a ceiling of lights, looks beautiful.

But if you’re weather-proofing your wedding, ensure your canopy, parosol, or gazebo is a sturdy, waterproof fabric – and if it’s the kind of thing you’ll only put up in the event of bad weather, ensure that either your venue staff, rental company, or bridal party are on hand and know how to assemble/unwind it in advance – stilettos and a foot ladder is not a good idea!

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