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5 Essential Tips for Lip Care for Men and Some DIY Lip Balm and Exfoliator Remedies for Your Big Day

Dear grooms-to-be, apart from taking care of your attire, health and skin, one more particular area that requires attention are your lips. Listing out some of the basic tips for lip care for men.

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Your wedding day is about to arrive and you are taking every self-care step in full swing. While you focus on your groom accessories, skincare and overall health, make sure you are giving enough attention to your precious smile as well. Your lips will be clearly visible in the endless wedding photos that your photographer and wedding guests are going to take. So take proper care of them. If you are clueless about how to go ahead with it, here are some useful tips on lip care for men:

1. No licking

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One of the major causes of dry and chapped lips is habitual licking. Your saliva actually strips the lips of their moisture making them even drier. Imagine having chapped lips on your first wedding night. It would definitely not be a pleasant sight for your bride. Break this habit if you want healthy-looking lips for your wedding festivities. This tip goes a long way in effective lip care for men.

2. Lip Balm

This one's a no-brainer that you should always apply lip balm, regardless of the season. Generally, lip balms are applied in the winter season. That makes sense because the dry cold air can rid your lips of their natural moisture. But even summer wind can be dry, making your lips chapped. And that's why lips balm is an essential step of lip care for men. You don't need to specifically go for the ones available in the market, home remedies work just fine when it comes to dry skin and lip care. You can apply Ghee, Beeswax or Aloe Vera gel to keep your lips soft and supple before the big day arrives.

3. Watch what you eat

The food you eat, the diet you take plays an important role in defining the state of your lips. Juicy fruits and wholesome meals will keep your lips hydrated and nourished from within. You wouldn't even need to use lip balm frequently once you've mastered your diet. Nobody would like to see your chapped and dry lips on the wedding day so follow this tip for lip care for men to the T.

4. Regular exfoliation

It might seem like a step too far from the so-called "manly" actions but self-care is important. And that makes it one of the most important lip care tips for men. If you want to avoid damaged lips symptoms, which are excessively dryness, swelling, bleeding and/or burning, regular exfoliation is the way to go. Use a mix of honey and sugar crystals to rub on your lips gently. This will rid them of dead skin, nourish them and give you, the groom, healthy-looking lips.

5. External factors

External factors like smoking and alcohol also affect the state of your lips. Smoking leads to pigmentation, darkening, dryness and coarseness of your lips. It also causes unattractive wrinkles and lines around your mouth. Dehydration as a result of alcohol consumption can also affect your lips making them hurt and causing pain. You might want to control both of these factors well before your wedding day if you want to look fresh for your wedding functions. These reasons make it an essential part of lip care for men.

Now that you know how to take care of your lips, here are some DIY exfoliation and lip balm ideas for lip care for men:

1. Exfoliation

  1. Sugar + honey

  2. Sugar + honey + coconut oil

  3. Sugar + dried rose petals +jojoba oil + peppermint essential oil

  4. Sugar + almond oil + Vitamin E oil

  5. Sugar + olive oil + fresh raspberries

2. Lip Balm

  1. Honey

  2. Aloe vera gel

  3. Beeswax

  4. The paste of rose petals

  5. Mashed papaya

We hope that these tips will come in handy for you when you are prioritising your grooming before the big day. Remember to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Also, be gentle when exfoliating your lips. Instead of using a separate exfoliator, you can also apply a heavy layer of your regular lip balm and lightly rub a toothbrush over it. If you're going for groom makeup, this will help your makeup artist to give you a fresh-looking makeup.

So keep up with all the practices we've shared with you and tell us the results in the comments below.

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