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6 Super Useful Things You Just Have To Keep In Your Bridal Clutch!

Updated: May 4, 2020

While you might be more bothered about your bridal clutch than what's inside it, that's also important girls. There are things that come in super handy during the wedding, and we are sure if you add these 6 things in it, you are gonna be super thankful to us for it. No matter what else you add, these 6 things have got to be in there, and we also tell you why!

So here are 6 things which are absolutely essential in your bridal clutch, and we feel no bride should be without them on her big day. 

Your lipstick, or at least something similar to the shade

If you're using your own lipstick, then carry that. If it's your MUA's, then carry something similar to the shade she has used on you. If you can manage it, buying the exact shade beforehand and keeping it would be ideal. Lipstick is something you don't want to be caught without, or even worse- faded!

Safety pins for emergencies! 

The little lifesavers! Safety pins can come in very handy for just about anything- and you should keep a few of them in your clutch for sure. Keep them to secure things better or for rips and tears, always a good idea. 

Tissues... because there will be tears!

Just so that you don't have to wipe them with your dupatta or borrow someone's handkerchief. Keep it handy in your bridal clutch, so that you don't end up messing up your eye makeup when it gets emotional. 

Breath mints or Chewing Gum

When you have to stay mum for such a long time or you go without drinking water, it can get a little funky in your mouth, plus, you need to be confident when you whisper something to your bae or BFF. So carry mint strips, mints or chewing gum to keep bad breath at bay. 

A small perfume.. to refresh yourself!

This one is important especially if its a day wedding. Make sure to pack a travel sized version of your fave perfume into your bridal clutch- that's ideal.

Compact Mirror for quick checking out and touching ups

When you quickly want to steal a glance, apply lipstick or take the shine off your nose- this one does a lot of multitasking, and has to has to be there in your bridal clutch. 

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