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6 venues for a dreamy garden wedding

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Here are 6 venues we can just see the perfect garden wedding come to life at right here in the Klang Valley.

Few weddings are as dreamy as the garden wedding, a backdrop you'll most likely feel the most like a fairytale princess saying 'I do' to your own happily after.

Maybe it's the flowers, the fresh air, the chirping of the birds in the background accompanied by the slight rustling of leaves everytime the breeze combs through -- whatever it is, here are 5 venues we can just see the perfect garden wedding come to life at right here in the Klang Valley.


Do not be foold by its wood, leather and dark walls-laden interior into thinking it's too masculine for a garden wedding -- it's got a sunny garden ground outside that's quite the opposite of its initial impression, with a tall well-trimmed hedge framing exemplary views of the KLCC Twin Towers so your vows will be exchanged against one of the best views of the city.


This newly rebranded event space  has all the facilities for your wedding needs and more. On top of the grand ballroom, banquet halls, and VIP rooms, it has a beautiful gazebo that makes for the perfect setting for an intimate vow-exchange ceremony. Peaceful water features and a landscaped garden surrounding the gazebo will make this chapter of your wedding journey truly memorable.


One way to have the ideal garden wedding without our Malaysian heat and humidity is  at Glasshouse @ Seputeh. As its name suggest, it is a giant glasshouse set up on the inside with beautifully designed garden accents lit up by ample sunlight pouring in through floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Your walk down the isle in sunkissed lawns and rustling trees can be done in a fully air-conditioned setting.


Tamarind Springs will put you right smack in the middle of nature for the ultimate garden wedding, with tiered steps and idyllic water features pleasantly encroached on the sides by natural greenery. What's more, customised menus, layout and entertainment can be seen to for a wedding that is truly one-of-a-kind. It helps to know that the food has been consistently good over the years as well.


Get a sense of romance with a garden conceptual wedding in Kuala Lumpur. Have a stylish wedding ceremony at the indoor with outdoor garden scenery. Cornerstone IPC are specially designed for all type of wedding ceremony including church ceremony wedding, indian wedding, chinese wedding , solemnization and malay wedding reception. 


For garden weddings which will have every aspect taken care of, look no further than The Saujana Hotel & Resorts. Its sprawling grounds of ample green complete with a lake and a golf course beyond  will make for the most scenic setups while its many experienced staff and ready facilities will have every logistic covered so all you have to worry about is writing your vows.

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