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7 Reasons for Why You Should Have a Photobooth at Your Wedding

Photobooths are a fun and unique idea for weddings and the guests love it. Get this concept at your wedding to set your day apart.

How do you ensure that your wedding guests are engaged and having fun while they're at your ceremonies? Well, the easiest way out is to have a photobooth at your wedding. All your selfie-crazy guests will get a photo opportunity and the kids will have something to play around. It doesn't cost much so can easily be a part of your wedding budget. Photobooths are exciting, budget-friendly and provide a great favour for your guests. If we still haven't convinced you to have one at your wedding, here are more some reasons why we love photobooths. 

1. Keep your guests engaged

Yes, the classic photobooth will ensure that none of your guests gets bored at the party. It will get them engaged and some small trips to this booth can really let them enjoy at the party. The guests can have so much fun if you incorporate such clever ideas for your wedding. Having lots of props adds to the fun.

2. Sets a theme

The photobooth can add to your wedding theme. You can have your venue decorated with all sorts of candid pictures of you and your partner and of course your family and friends. And then you obviously have your photobooth. 

3. Make your wedding stand out

Now, you definitely want that wedding to stand out. You want it to be different and be the talk of the town. Who does not want that? Having such fun ideas for your wedding is definitely going to make you successful in your mission. Have fun themes, fun games and your very own photobooth.

4. Create beautiful memory

And of course, in the end, you are bringing home with yourself some wonderful memories. Make sure you send your guests every picture of theirs and let them remember what an awesome wedding you had. And the bride and the groom need to click the craziest picture. Go ahead and have that photobooth!

5. Breaks the monotony

Well, we have seen so many wedding pictures with guests just posing near the bride and the groom. Isn’t it just boring? Actually, it is the dullest thing that can happen at your wedding. And having a photobooth solves the problem. It will break this monotony and have you a wonderful collection of awesome photographs.

6. It’s fun!

And the last reason to have a photobooth? It’s fun. You so do not want your wedding to be serious and boring. You want it to be fun and lively and just want everyone to enjoy. And photobooth is your saviour. Yes, do add some funny and quirky boards and props and backdrops and the list can go on forever. Have fun, have a photobooth!

7. Refreshing bride-groom photos

Having a photobooth at your Mehndi or Haldi can be fun for the guests. But what about the main guests of the event, the bride and groom? Wouldn't you want to have fun at a photobooth you've arranged for? Plan a quirky photoshoot around it when you get free from the ceremoniuos part of the event. These surely would be the highlight of your fun wedding pictures.

Create some fun memories with a photobooth at your wedding. You can create one around your wedding theme or go have fun with the classic examples like a Bollywood-inspired photobooth, vintage photo frames, floral rickshaw/auto/bicycle and more. Your wedding decorator and planner might have some insane ideas. Take their advice into consideration. And don't place a photobooth near the Jaimala stage for obvious reasons. Are you ready to have one at your wedding?

Tell us through the comments what you plan to do for your wedding photobooth.

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