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Astrologers Share Tips on Choosing a Good Wedding Date After the Lockdown

Are your wedding dates clashing with the lockdown? Fret not, astrologers share tips to choose a good wedding date when muhurat dates are not available.

We're all well aware of the unfortunate pandemic of the novel coronavirus that has left the world high and dry. The wedding industry too, at large is no less affected. There's an increasing rise in the number of summer weddings being postponed to the second half of 2020. The concluding months of 2020 have a shortage of auspicious wedding dates and getting married this year might start to look like a distant dream.

According to our research, there is quite a possibility that people might not follow the 2020 wedding calendar anymore and get married on a date that looks more feasible and practicable with respect to the timeline of COVID-19, availability of vendors, the comfort of their guests, etc.

If you're planning to get married in 2020 and do not have a list of auspicious wedding dates, scroll through some expert insights on what to keep in mind when finalising of your non-mahurat wedding date.

Astrologer, Motivational Speaker, LifeCoach and TEDx Speaker, Dr Sundeep Kochar shares a few insights on how to go ahead with choosing a good date to tie the knot, if you’re unable to get married on any of the muhurat dates due to the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Ensure that the new moon is not in its lunar phase (Amavasya) on the date you choose.

  • The moon should also not be debilitated which means it should not be in Scorpio.

  • Getting the couple’s horoscope matched thoroughly is advised. Not just the gunn but the stars and their placements. The horoscope can then predict a suitable date and time for the couple to tie the knot.

  • If you’re still hesitant about planning your wedding ceremony on a non-muhurat or non saya date, you can have a small pooja or havan at home with a priest reciting the wedding vows on a muhurat date. Do your wedding ritual all over again, when the threat of the pandemic has subsided. 

It is definitely heart wrenching to wake up one day and realise that your most anticipated wedding day has been postponed or cancelled, but look on the bright-side. You get to choose your own wedding date, completely unique to yours. The possibility of multiple weddings going around in the same banquet hall as yours is very low. The possibility of getting your dream vendors on board for your wedding is very high and most importantly, you will be in a happy place, mentally and emotionally, because all of this will finally be over and you can spend the rest of your life with the person you've been dying to be with, throughout the lockdown.

The reality is harsh but the future is still in our hands. We urge our readers to take measured and responsible steps during these uncharted times because this will end soon and we're all in this together.

Have more wedding related concerns in the wake of COVID-19? Read our COVID-19 advice guide specially brought together for our readers & vendor partners. Reach us out at 017 881 5875 or write to us at

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