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Royal Indian Wedding

Nose Ring, an Indian Bride's Jewel to Adorn

Image: Witty Vows

Every piece of jewelry narrates a story. And when we talk of nose ring, it is sure to bring a smile under your nose. A bride’s perfect ‘gehna’ that not only graces her but also accompanies her in the journey of life-time. Epitome of timeless beauty, eternity & listless attributes, nose ring is what defines a bride. A woman’s journey from being a daughter to daughter-in-law is justified & indeed beautified with a ring in her nose.

An integral part of Indian custom & ritual, where a bride walks to the home of her ‘loved one’ with mehendi adorning her hands and feet, bangles making a noise of her arrival, glittering eyes veiled with a curtain of shyness, & definitely a nose ring giving her an edge over all.         

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