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Royal Indian Recommends: 10 Getting Ready Shots Every Bride Must Get Clicked For Her Wedding Album!

As a wedding guest, I have always fancied to take a peek into a bride’s ‘bridal room chronicles’. Like damn, what goes behind those tinted mirrors, flickering lights & overly sumptuous rooms that always smell so sweet & fruity? Well, I thought it will always be a mystery, until the day I joined WMG. Our wedding photographers never fail to surprise us with their work. They not only take us places with their aesthetically pleasing photographs, but also share with us behind the scenes of a ‘Bride-in-Making’ - More charmingly known as, getting ready shots these days!

So, after all the storytelling, let’s come straight to the point! Getting ready shots are all the fad these days. And being the new-age bride you just cannot miss getting some clicked. While you’re draping your dupatta, fixing your jewellery, tying your lehenga or simply applying your lipstick, make it a point your photographer is there to capture you at your best!

To make it easier for you, we’ve enlisted a few must-haves for your album. Scroll through and screenshot your favorites!

1. Get captured while fixing your bridal jewels! 

2. Some playful shots with your veil? 

3. Or your Saree, maybe?

4. Take your bridal hair plandids seriously!

5. Let your photographer click you while your bridesmaids deck you up! 

6. Some fun shots like these, for foodie brides!

7. Because getting clicked while you chill around is necessary too!

8. Get caught during your bridal makeup sessions!

9. How about those mandatory 'Flaunt your lehenga' shots!

10. Lastly, posing for the shutterbugs before you're all set to walk down the aisle!

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