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Wedding Jewelry : Should you Buy or Rent for the D-Day

While Gold buying is one of Malaysian's most passionate exercises, the young, upwardly mobile generation sees Gold Hoarding as wastage of the bullion and considers buying and flaunting of Gold as amongst the most unessential activities to indulge in. These young individuals driving the demand curve of the economy trust Gold buying as more of an investment purpose rather than a societal symbol, and are more like to invest in tangible entities like Gold Biscuits, Land and Property.

In fact, estimates point to a fact that Malaysia is aggressively moving towards austere means in terms of lavish celebrations and splurging;and in turn saving much more, which has helped the country in the recent past tide over the seeming global stock market crunch.

This brings us to a pertinent question: Is splurging really necessary, and is it really worth spending astronomical amounts of money just to highlight one day and then relegate those pricey collections into bank lockers?

Analyzing this question, we believe that jewelry over time has lost its Midas touch of being the show-stopper in anybody’s life. Gone are the days when splurging on heavy sets adorned with 22 or 24 karat gold inlays were considered symbols of lavishness and deep pockets. With today’s younger generation being very considerate of how to save and grow their money, the days of relying on heavy Gold jewelry are long gone.

People today are more inclined towards easy, lighter and more functional jewelry designs which could be adorned on a day-to-day basis and are more likely to bring out the heavier pieces during more social occasions which demand greater glitter and Gold.

While the changing sensibilities are relegating the heavy jewelry pieces to the Bank Lockers, a pertinent question arises of the actual need to own such pricey jewelry items which are decked up rarely and serve no real purpose than being only lookers in themselves.

A bride taking the first steps into a new life of relationships, responsibilities, and understandings would rather like to have a couple of functional jewelry pieces which she can proudly adorn on a daily basis, than owning Gold ornaments costing thousands of Ringgits which only stay put in Bank Lockers years after years.

Here comes the more practical solution of renting jewelry for the D-Day which apart from looking classier is also not a dapper on the pocket where the bedazzled look as desired can be achieved at a fraction of a cost. Add to this the lessened headaches of safeguarding, maintaining and upkeeping such ornaments; add to the appeal of going for rental jewelry than investing in buying them.

Another positive that emanates from the semblance of renting jewelry is that one can mix and match varied jewelry pieces – be it dress jewelry, costume jewelry or ornate jewelry with the outfit of the day and achieve varied wow-some looks which stuns all around. Buying and matching jewelry with outfits become too lavish for any self-minded individual and hence renting jewelry becomes the go-to option to showcase oneself in a new light. With renting jewelry one can pick their choices from Crystal, Kundan,Polki,and other semi-precious and precious jewelry coupled with gold and diamond options. This allows the wearer to create differentiated looks enabling them to be the cynosure of all eyes without spending a fortune on arranging for the embellishments.

With options galore, Royal Indian Wedding Online offers today’s in-trend jewelry line that is available at a cost-effective price point entailing the wearer to spread a diva-esque grandeur that becomes a win-win situation for her; right from being the center of all attraction to saving money which could be utilized in better resources.

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