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What is a Intimate Wedding and How to Plan One?

Planning a small & intimate wedding during the lockdown? Here's why small weddings planned with attention to intricate details has been coined as "Micro Weddings" by Royal Indian Wedding Online.

Indian weddings are known for grand celebration and pizzazz. And in times of plight like these where the pandemic has left the world with a bunch of perplexing thoughts, the Indian wedding industry has undergone many drastic changes. From social gatherings to wedding celebrations. COVID-19 has altered the trends readily. We felt delighted when big fat Indian weddings used to make a mark of remembrance on our hearts but nowadays, intimate weddings with less than 50 people have surprised couples and families with the beauty in its simplicity. Couples have gulped the fact of this pandemic and accepted the change with positivity.

We all know real couples have evolved their thinking with time and have started opting small wedding ceremonies now. If you are wondering what the concept of a micro wedding is, here’s a simple definition for you. Keeping the current situation in mind, some couples in Malaysia are planning weddings with 30 guests. Many couples got married with full enthusiasm and saved a lot of time and money by going through the route of the micro wedding. A lot of people are preferring micro weddings instead of postponing their wedding date. To make the wedding celebrations special, they are focusing on the intricate details of the wedding and planning the best experience for their guests. The year 2020 has turned the tables of celebration and made a mark of small-scale in all our minds.

If you are planning to opt for a micro wedding in the times of corona, then here are some major points you should keep in mind for making your wedding memorable and concise.

What is A Micro Wedding?

The name says it all, small and minor. An intimate affair with not more than 50 guests. A micro wedding includes everything which a regal Indian wedding comprises. From the beautiful venue to photographer and décor everything remains the same but on a smaller scale. Imagine having a cheerful time with your close friends and cousins while you tie the knot of togetherness and make way for new beginnings. Pure, isn’t it? Micro wedding is the “new normal” and majorly for the couples who want to spend their majority budget on smaller details.

The Evolving Wedding Trend

Gone are the days when the success of a wedding was measured by the number of guests and top-notched location. These days, flexibility has taken over the bar of traditions. Couples are celebrating their precious day with teeny, tiny gatherings and inviting other relatives and friends to attend the ceremony on a zoom call. Who thought, this wedding trend will set a bar of oomph with assurance and zeal. Weddings have evolved into a full-fledged personalised experience. From wedding planners to photographers, vendors are helping couples to map out the structure and the timelines of all rituals and ceremonies. They are also coordinating well with other wedding vendors to keep it safe and secure. Temperature check, masks, and proper sanitisation has become an integral part of a successful micro wedding. A smaller wedding and less prospects allow you to be more creative and flexible and that’s what micro weddings are. If you wish to fill minute details at your wedding function and go all out on innovation, then this trend is going to make your day a precious one.

Tips to Plan a Micro Wedding

Downsize Your Wedding Guest list

Due to the lockdown rules, curating a customised guest list can be a bit tricky. There are a lot of factors which affect the guest list. From seating plan to the catering services, everything gets capped due to rigidity of the invite list. Therefore, it becomes essential to downsize the wedding guest list with utmost concentration and appropriate decisions. If you are wondering on how to slice down the list to 50 people, here are some golden points to consider for your post-COVID 19 plans.

Different Invite List for Different Function

Indian weddings always include a list of ceremonies which can be incorporated according to your budget and choices. Why not comprise the same in a micro wedding? If you are thinking to keep more than one function, then the list of guest list can vary as well. Divide the number of guests according to your preferences and send the invite accordingly.

Prioritise Distance

Distance should always be a major factor while customising a guest list. Although your favourite cousin or best friend stays overseas, inviting them to the wedding can be a bit challenging in the times of corona. Keeping all the safety measures in mind, prefer inviting people who are around and can attend the function with zero inconveniences.

Health Comes First

This pandemic has led a bunch of changes in the wedding trends. All the focus has shifted to safety and protection. Avoid adding young kids, children, and aged people. We know blessings are bliss, you can invite them on zoom call and let them be a part of all the rituals and ceremonies.

Pick A Venue

One of the first questions which pop in the minds of couples who are planning to tie the knot with glee is the location. The question ‘where’ holds very great importance in making a wedding successful. The brownie point of a micro wedding is you get a chance to scrutinise the most appealing venue. Be it a ‘Rani Mahal’ or a luxurious banquet hall, this type of wedding helps you to pick the best for your happily ever after.

Selecting the Wedding Dress

When it comes to a micro wedding, choosing your wedding attire is totally your call. You can either go for a dreamy D-day dress or go minimal. If you don’t wish to spend much on your D-day dress, then you can also add a touch of affection by opting for your parent’s wedding dress or anything which has been treasured since ages. This idea always works well and is well appreciated.

Hire A Photographer

Whether it is an intimate ceremony or a traditional wedding, seizing the jolly memories always works well when you get to hire a professional photographer. With a small guest list, the chances of shots become peculiar and innovative. Therefore, adding a touch of clicks and happiness at every step of the ritual can elevate the wedding and make it a remarkable one.

Lookout for All the Safety Measures

Ever since the nation has hit by this corona pandemic, everything has turned upside down. Wedding trends have evolved accordingly. As micro weddings have taken a step ahead, the safety measures have increased as well. From temperature checks to proper sensitisation of the guests, it has become vital. If you are on a planning tour, don’t miss out on the safety measures.

Photo courtesy: Aghi Photography

An immediate effect of COVID 19 has elevated the scope of micro weddings. Many couples are feeling privileged in fulfilling their dreamy wishes while they get a chance to pick their dream venue, exclusive cuisines, and a lot more! Though Indian marriages have an exact opposite liveliness, it is time to embrace the glorious chance of making the wedding dazzling and diminutive. Onboarding your favourite chef or opting for an elite floral décor, a micro wedding helps in achieving all the fanciful wishes with soothe. This growing trend has a bag full of benefits which will make your inner guts go ‘wowee’. Scroll up for some doable benefits of a micro wedding and reminisce later!

A Space for Budget

The major benefit of a micro wedding is that it allows you to splurge on the budget with grace and you still tend to have space which you can fill it later. From selecting the finest wedding dress to electing the scrumptious cuisines, this type of wedding can make way for all the glitz and glam you’ve been wishing for and that too in a limited budget. Making a crisp layout of budget helps in elevating the look of a mini wedding with flamboyance.

Fewer People, More Interaction

As it is said ‘less is mass’, that is how a micro wedding rules with eminence. The blessing of this type of wedding revolves around a variety of aspects. Due to a smaller number of people, relatives get to know each other well and spend a happy time together whereas couples get a chance to spend quality time with their guests throughout the functions. Memories are timeless. Therefore, keeping it compact and buoyant becomes a major part of a teeny wedding.

Flexibility Is the Key

The elasticity of changing things becomes easy and convenient. An intimate wedding allows you to coordinate with your guests and wedding vendors with full interaction and gives an advantage of being comfortable. Focusing on décor and putting your own thoughts can add a touch of harmony and personalisation.

Fewer People, Wild Imagination

With a micro wedding, comes less work and limited opinions. You get a chance to open unique spaces and explore to the fullest. This can be inaccessible in a big fat Indian wedding. Pulling out all the stops of wedding dress, dreamy venue, a creative photographer, high-end décor becomes achievable. You get a chance to run your imaginations with a higher prospect and a lot of creativity. Why not consider the points mentioned below and make your micro wedding a rememberable one?

Add A Touch of Personalisation

Ever thought of adding a touch of uniqueness and personalisation at your wedding function? Well, we guess this is the dream of every couple. A micro wedding gives a chance of filling the space of imagination and turning them into reality. Planning an intimate wedding can bring a bunch of wedding decoration trends into existence. Adding up DIY décor with hues of paradise can make your D-day a memorable one and give you a chance of appreciation as well.

If you are the couple who wish to get married amidst the pandemic, then a micro wedding is going to create a web of magic. How many of you are planning to opt for one such wedding? Comment below and let us know about your cute-little wedding dreams!!

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